Welcome to La Marine Royale

Welcome to His Most Christian Majesty's Royal Navy, La Marine Royale, the nautical military arm of the Kingdom of France.

The mission of the La Marine Royale, is the pursuit of fun, comradeship and profit in the world of Pirates of the Burning Sea.

'Official' La Marine Royale battle colors (for ships at any rate) are the following, although I don't insist on it - especially if members have their own preferred personal color scheme.


Sails - Red with the LMR Winged Anchor in Yellow
Hull - Dark Blue
Trim - White or alternatively Red
Waterline - Black
Interior - Buff or Light Brown

Copies of our official Society sail and flag pattern can be obtained through Philip Martel or Francis de leon.

Articles of War

Check the info section of the Society page (in game) periodically, for La Marine Royale News & Information bulletins.

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It would be best if everyone stuck to the official names of items as found in game.

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