Admiralty Notes

Here you may find Current News and Deliberations from the Leaders of the LMR.

Original message sent by Philip MartelPhilip Martel:
TO: Captaine Gabriel Storm
FROM: LMR Admiralty


Captaine Gabriel Storm, you are herein requested and directed by the LMR Admiralty to take up the position of Chef de Division, and take command of the La Marine Royale Society's PvP Service Squadron. You are authorized to request any reasonable assistance from the Admiralty, the Ship Building Cartel and individual society members to address the financial and equipment aspects of the squadron, further you are authorized to recruit any volunteers from the membership of the LMR to form the said squadron at your discretion.

You are directed to consult with Lord of Admiralty Volcano Joe, as he has been involved in the LMR PvP Squadron affairs from its inception, and will be of assistance in the matter of potential personel. The Admiralty will periodically ask for reports on your progress, and seek your advise and/or reflections, and as required assist you in dealing with any problems or issues that may require your attention as Chef de Division/PvP Squadron.

Yours Very Sincerely,

Philip Martel, Chef de Flotilla, La Marine Royale

Original message sent by Philip MartelPhilip Martel:
Members of the La Marine Royale,

After due consideration and discussion amougst the presiding Admiralty on Friday, our next society venture will be a series of Fleet grinds to be organized starting this weekend and into next week, both to gather more experience, loot and sharpen our sense of tactical cohesion and test ship handling and group operations.

Following this, the LMR will prepare itself for a port flip/grind upon the 23rd of April, 2009. This date is tentative/provisional, so let us know if this time is workable, and that sufficient members can attend, if not we can always reschedule. The target will be Turpitude, we are going to pay the Pirates a second visit, at the scene of our greatest triumph both militarily for France and as a Society. Lets see if we cant make lightening strike twice upon the dastardly enemies of France.


Philip Martel, Chef de Flotilla, LMR

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