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Good suggestions.
Would like to add that a link to the Remus spreadsheets for production costs would be helpfull. Also are there similar spreadsheets for society pricing on goods ?

If this is already in place, sorry as I sorta jumped in before reading.

Bruno le Tigre is my main Ft26 atm.
My privateer Roxane Dupin was invited to join the society today after some nice fleeting, and I hope to get Bruno on asasp.

My suggestion is that there be a stickied welcome thread that tells the societies story, and invites new members to say hello, what they aspire to do etc. Pretty much what im doing here.

Anyway hello yall , thanks for the oportunity to be part of your society.

I would sudmit, the idea of creating in game biographical drafts, shot collections of notes and information concerning, our in game creations, at least for our primary character. Both Sawyer and I have had similiar thoughts about the matter, and I enclose a tentative draft of my own, primary game avatar/character to demonstrate, the concept we are advocating. We both hope it will add a bit of flavour and history to the La Marine Royale, and people will have fun creating their own "period" pieces.

NAME: Philip Martel
DATE OF BIRTH: May 31st, 1684 AD
PLACE OF BIRTH: Brest, Duchy of Brittany, Kingdom of France
OCCUPATION: Naval Officer - French Royal Navy
HIGHEST CAREER RANK HELD: Rear-Admiral (with seniority from 7/9/1720 AD)
PERSONAL HISTORY: Philip Martel, was born into a minor aristocratic, seafaring family in the port of Brest, France. A middle son, not much was expected of him, as his oldest brother would according to tradition inherit the family lands and title, while his next older brother was to be prepared for a career in the French Royal Army. Philip was abruptly motivated to take direct action and control of his affairs for the first time in his life to escape the unpleasant prospects of a possible and likely enforced religious career, which was not a life choice, the young Philip relished in any great degree.

Philip Martel, promptly ran away to sea, at age 16. Serving with several merchant captains and several different types of merchant vessels plying their trades from France to various foreign ports, from 1700 - 1704, Philip made the best of his way to the Carribbean Sea, where he volunteered for service with the French Royal Navy in 1705, when his the current ship made landfall at Pointe-a-Pitre. Philip, at the age of 21 was considerable older then most junior officer cadets, the majority started their careers at the tender age of 14 or 15, as volunteer midshipmen, until they were formally commissioned to serve aboard one ship or another of the French Royal Navy. However, Philip, being both fit and able, and possessing considerable sailing experience, gained "before the mast" rapidly progressed through the ranks.

Philip was considered by both his peers and his superiors to be a talented, competent and comradely officer and well-rounded administrator. In judgement and conduct he was noted for being contentious, sober and cautious. His wry sense of humour, and often blunt plain spoken honesty, was a particular hallmark, which delighted and often won the respect of his subordinates and crews, although sometimes ruffled the feathers of some of his peers and certainly those of some of his superiors. His naval service was largely, from 1705 until 1720, confinded within the corvettes, brigs, xebecs, polearces, and frigates of the French Royal Navy, in which he established a decided reputation for courage and capable ship handling, as well as a sound grasp of naval tactics. Only following his promotion in 1720, to junior flag rank, did Philip finally assume command of regular French Ships-of-the-Line, largely 4th Rate vessels, and less commonly 3rd Rate and 1st Rate vessels.

Currently, Philip Martel is primarily stationed in the French Floridian port of Tampa, although he has ships docked at Orleans, Grenville, St Augustine, and Brigdetown, and directs the activities of one of the numerous independent naval commands of the French Carribbean Sea Fleet.

LMR Biographies by Philip MartelPhilip Martel, 28 Apr 2009 03:43

looks like doing a link to Bundle Unrest Supplies: X will show up on the page as only X, it drops the part before the : because of some formatting. so we just need to not use the : for links and items that have it in their name, just use a space i say.


first things first, there's no forum category for this so here it is. sawyer please move it when you make new categories.

Gabriel Storm and I farmed JOMT tonight for 3 hours tonight. I made 420,000 dbls, and he made over 400,000 (i can't remember the exact amount). So get yourself a ship to bridgetown and farm this with us. The mission is much more fun than any of the daily missions, and obviously you get a lot more money. Those amounts don't include the items that will be sold off in the auction house, as I will have another ~100,000 more just from tonight.


i think mission/newbie help should just be help. also a section for the pvp squad would be nice.


I put up a picture of the battle colors that I hosted on my photobucket account. I think it's a much better idea to have the images for LMR hosted somewhere that is easily accessible by all, something that can be uploaded to by anybody and viewed by anybody in lmr without having to worry about space, like we do here on the wiki.

So, I have created a photobucket group, You will need the password "lamarineroyale" (no quotes of course) to post or view pictures. We should all be able to use this to post pictures for the wiki and then easily link to them.


image hosting by Kashmier ThrawnKashmier Thrawn, 05 Apr 2009 13:51

Here are some of the categories I was thinking:

Mission Help
Newbie Help
Suggestion Box for LMR
Ships and skills, what's best
general discussion

+ Recipe
* Learned From
 * [[[ {link} ]]]
* Created By
 * [[[ {link} ]]]
* Labor Required
 * 60 Hours
* Click Cost
 * 2.8 Million Dbls
* Materials Required To Build
 * [[[ {link} ]]] x quantity
 * [[[ {link} ]]] x quantity

++ Attainability
Add narrative comments here about the recipe.

My primary task currently is to go through each ship on that Loic has listed for the Cartel to build and add the required labor, recipe book, mats, etc etc. as i go through that i will try to follow the chain down and create a page for each item listing it's labor requirements etc. i'm currently using the formatting i did for the prince, please let me know with a quickness if you want to format another way so that i can waste as little time as possible reediting things. -brad/kashmier


  • Learned From
[[[{link to recipe book}]]]
  • Created By
[[[{link to structure}]]]
  • Labor Required
    • 60 Hours
  • Click Cost
    • 2.8 Million Dbls
  • Materials Required To Build
[[[{link to raw materials and manufactured goods}]]]

Anchor, Large x8
* Ballast x38
* Cannon, Huge x36
* Cannon, Large x28
* Cannon, Medium x30
* Cannon, Small x12
* Cannon, Swivel Gun x6
* Colossal Hull x1
* Huge Square Rig x1
* Lineship Structure Bundle x20
* Ship Provisioning x80
* Sulfur x14
* Wood Tar x18


It would take about 5 months to make everything without any external help, if all structure production is used to work solely on making this ship.

The average cost to make this ship if items are bought, based on general server prices, is 12 million to 13 million Db.

This ship must be certified before you can sail it. Certifying it can be done with 80 Royal Commendations as a Naval Officer. The insurance value is 4,132,382.

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