Just One More Thing

Just One More Thing, or JOMT for short. This is a level 51 mission in Bridgetown. It can be farmed regularly to acquire awesome amounts of dbls.


In order to do JOMT with the Society, you need only to have a ship in Bridgetown. It is recommended that you use a Fourth Rate at least.

To get the mission for JOMT you will first need to have +2500 reputation with the British East India Company. The mission line starts in the Port Royal Company Office. You need the mission Fact Finding from Harry Kettle. This will take you to Bridgetown. After this you follow the mission chain until you reach Just One More Thing. Including Fact Finding, there are 5 missions leading up to JOMT. It is recommended that you have a group of at least 3 if you would like to do these missions.


It is recommended that you bring a Ship of the Line for JOMT. It is recommended that you outfit it for damage resistance and damage output. Imperial Hull mod or Dauntless Hull Mods are very useful, as well as St Elmos mods as many of the npcs target your sails.

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