* Admiral's Overhaul, Exceptional
* Admiral's Overhaul, First-Rate
* Advanced Anchor Forging
* Advanced Beam Milling
* Advanced Brass Smelting
* Advanced Bronze Roundshot Crafting
* Advanced Cannon Construction
* Advanced Filling-Frame
* Advanced Fine Cheesemaking
* Advanced Fine Wine Fermenting
* Advanced Frame Timber
* Advanced Gold Mining
* Advanced Huge Cannon Construction
* Advanced Huge Hull Construction
* Advanced Iron Smelting
* Advanced Keel Sawing
* Advanced Large Hull Construction
* Advanced Lignum Blocks
* Advanced Lignum Frame Timber
* Advanced Lignum Vitae Harvest
* Advanced Mast Cutting
* Advanced Provisioning
* Advanced Rum Distilling
* Advanced Sail Stitching
* Advanced Skinning (Furs)
* Advanced Spar Shaping
* Advanced Sugarcane Harvest
* Advanced Teak Harvest
* Advanced Transom Milling
* Advanced Zinc Mining
* 'Agamemnon' Bark
* 'Alexander' Fourth Rate
* 'Arcadia' Mastercraft Xebec
* 'Arcadia' Xebec
* Ares' Cannon Modification 1
* Ares' Cannon Modification 2
* Ares' Cannon Modification 3
* Ares' Cannon Modification 4
* Artemis' Cannon Modification 1
* Artemis' Cannon Modification 2
* Artemis' Cannon Modification 3
* Artemis' Cannon Modification 4
* 'Athena' Frigate
* 'Atlas' Bark


* Bake Bread
* 'Bermuda' Mastercraft Sloop
* 'Bermuda' Sloop
* 'Bermuda' Trader's Sloop
* Braid Rope
* Breed Cattle
* Breed Cattle
* 'Breton' Chasse-Maree
* Bulwarks
* Bulwarks, Heavy
* Bulwarks, Superior
* Food (Bundle Unrest Supplies)
* Luxuries (Bundle Unrest Supplies)
* Metal (Bundle Unrest Supplies)
* Textiles (Bundle Unrest Supplies)
* Weapons (Bundle Unrest Supplies)
* Wood (Bundle Unrest Supplies)
* Butcher Beef


* 'Capricieux' Courier Frigate
* 'Capricieux' Frigate
* 'Capricieux' Heavy Frigate
* 'Capricieux' Mastercraft Frigate
* 'Cerberus' Courier Frigate
* 'Cerberus' Frigate
* 'Cerberus' Heavy Frigate
* 'Cerberus' Mastercraft Frigate
* 'Chaleur' Schooner
* Cheesemaking (Common)
* Cheesemaking (Fine)
* Colossal Accuracy Gun Rig 1
* Colossal Accuracy Gun Rig 2
* Colossal Armor Planking 1
* Colossal Armor Planking 2
* Colossal Grappling Cannons 1
* Colossal Grappling Cannons 2
* Colossal Hull
* Colossal Lightweight Halyards 1
* Colossal Lightweight Halyards 2
* Colossal Nimble Rig 1
* Colossal Nimble Rig 2
* Colossal Perfected Cannons 1
* Colossal Perfected Cannons 2
* Colossal Raider's Guns 1
* Colossal Raider's Guns 2
* Colossal Reinforced Hull 1
* Colossal Reinforced Hull 2
* Colossal Rig Catharpins 1
* Colossal Rig Catharpins 2
* Colossal Speed Gun Rig 1
* Colossal Speed Gun Rig 2
* Colossal Speed Rig 1
* Colossal Speed Rig 2
* Colossal Stealth Sails 1
* Colossal Stealth Sails 2
* Colossal Streamlined Hull 1
* Colossal Streamlined Hull 2
* Colossal Tough Sails 1
* Colossal Tough Sails 2
* Colossal Wadding 1
* Colossal Wadding 2
* 'Conquistador' Frigate
* 'Conquistador' Sleek Frigate
* Construct Medium Scout Hull
* 'Mystique' Polacre (Construct Refit)
* Naval 'Defiant' Frigate (Construct Refit)
* Naval 'Mediator' Cutter (Construct Refit)
* Naval 'Stralsund' Frigate (Construct Refit)
* Privateer 'Capricieux' Frigate (Construct Refit)
* Privateer 'Cerberus' Frigate (Construct Refit)
* Privateer 'Hermes' Packet-Boat (Construct Refit)
* Privateer 'Myrmidon' Frigate (Construct Refit)
* Privateer 'Raa' Frigate (Construct Refit)
* Construct Small Scout Hull
* 'Corsair' Mastercraft Xebec
* 'Corsair' Sleek Xebec
* 'Corsair' Xebec
* 'Couronne' Galleon
* 'Couronne' Mastercraft Galleon
* Craft Bandages
* Craft Bar Shot
* Craft Barrel
* Craft Bronze Round Shot
* Craft Canister Shot
* Craft Chain Shot
* Craft Coarse Powder Charge
* Craft Fine Powder Charge
* Craft Grapeshot
* Craft Keg of Beer
* Craft Keg of Coffee
* Craft Keg of Kill-Devil
* Craft Langridge
* Craft Precise Powder Charge
* Craft Repair Bundle
* Craft Round Shot
* Craft Small Arms
* Craft Smelling Salts
* Craft Star Shot
* Craft Stone Shot
* 'Cruizer' Heavy Snow
* 'Cruizer' Snow
* Cure Beef
* Cure Fish
* Cure Game
* Cure Hides
* 'Curieuse' Heavy Snow
* 'Curieuse' Snow
* 'Curieuse' Trader's Snow
* 'Currituck' Periauger
* Cut Mast Section


* 'Defiant' Frigate
* 'Defiant' Mastercraft Frigate
* 'Defiant' Sleek Frigate
* 'Defiant' Stripped Frigate
* 'Deliverance' Frigate
* 'Deliverance' Heavy Frigate
* 'Desperation' Raft
* Distill Rum
* Distill Tar
* 'Dolphyn' Heavy Ketch
* 'Dolphyn' Ketch
* 'Doplhyn' Ketch
* Draft Advanced Copper Mine Plans
* Draft Advanced Forge Plans
* Draft Advanced Gold Mine Plans
* Draft Advanced Grain Mill Plans
* Draft Advanced Granite Quarry Plans
* Draft Advanced Iron Mine Plans
* Draft Advanced Ironwood Logging Plans
* Draft Advanced Limestone Quarry Plans
* Draft Advanced Lumber Mill Plans
* Draft Advanced Marble Quarry Plans
* Draft Advanced Medium Shipyard Plans
* Draft Advanced Oak Logging Plans
* Draft Advanced Plantation Plans
* Draft Advanced Small Shipyard Plans
* Draft Advanced Sugar Plantation Plans
* Draft Advanced Sugar Refinery Plans
* Draft Advanced Teak Logging Plans
* Draft Advanced Zinc Mine Plans
* Draft Cacao Plantation Plans
* Draft Carpentry Shop Plans
* Draft Cochineal Harvest Plans
* Draft Coffee Plantation Plans
* Draft Copper Mine Plans
* Draft Cotton Plantation Plans
* Draft Distillery Plans
* Draft Draughtsman's Office Plans
* Draft Fir Logging Camp Plans
* Draft Fishing Lodge Plans
* Draft Forge Plans
* Draft Gold Mine Plans
* Draft Grain Mill Plans
* Draft Granite Quarry Plans
* Draft Hunting Lodge Plans
* Draft Iron Mine Plans
* Draft Ironwood Logging Camp Plans
* Draft Large Shipyard Plans
* Draft Limestone Quarry Plans
* Draft Lumber Mill Plans
* Draft Marble Quarry Plans
* Draft Master Draughtsman's Office Plans
* Draft Master Large Shipyard Plans
* Draft Medium Shipyard Plans
* Draft Oak Logging Camp Plans
* Draft Pasture Plans
* Draft Plantation Plans
* Draft Powder Mill Plans
* Draft Provisioner Plans
* Draft Recruitment Office Plans
* Draft Saltpeter Harvest Plans
* Draft Silver Mine Plans
* Draft Slaughterhouse Plans
* Draft Small Shipyard Plans
* Draft Sugar Plantation Plans
* Draft Sugar Refinery Plans
* Draft Sulfur Excavation Plans
* Draft Tannery Plans
* Draft Tar Distillery Plans
* Draft Teak Logging Camp Plans
* Draft Textile Mill Plans
* Draft Tobacco Plantation Plans
* Draft Vineyard Plans
* Draft Weaponsmithy Plans
* Draft Winery Plans
* Draft Zinc Mine Plans
* 'Dromedary' Indiaman


* 'El Dragon' Mastercraft Barque
* Emergency Hull Patch 1
* Emergency Hull Patch 2
* Emergency Hull Patch 3
* Emergency Hull Patch 4
* Emergency Hull Patch 5
* Emergency Mast Brace 1
* Emergency Mast Brace 2
* Emergency Mast Brace 3
* Emergency Mast Brace 4
* Emergency Mast Brace 5
* Emergency Rum Ration 1
* Emergency Rum Ration 2
* Emergency Rum Ration 3
* Emergency Rum Ration 4
* Emergency Rum Ration 5
* Excavate Gravel
* Excavate Sulfur
* Explosive Powder 1
* Explosive Powder 2
* Extra Powder Magazine 1
* Extra Powder Magazine 2
* Extra Powder Magazine 3
* Extra Powder Magazine 4
* Extract Saltpeter


* Ferment Wine (Common)
* Ferment Wine (Fine)
* Fir Harvest
* Fishing Smack
* Forge Anchor
* Forge Brass Fittings
* Forge Cannon (Huge)
* Forge Cannon (Large)
* Forge Cannon (Medium)
* Forge Cannon (Small)
* Forge Cannon (Very Small)
* Forge Iron Fittings
* Forge Mast Hoops
* Forge Nails
* Forge Swivel Gun
* Fortified Wine Ration, Exceptional


Gorgon's Cannon Modification 1 (Recipe)
Gorgon's Cannon Modification 2 (Recipe)
Gorgon's Cannon Modification 3 (Recipe)
Gorgon's Cannon Modification 4 (Recipe)
Grapple Defenses 1 (Recipe)
Grapple Defenses 2 (Recipe)
Grapple Defenses 3 (Recipe)
Grapple Defenses 4 (Recipe)
Grapples and Ladders (Recipe)
Grapples and Ladders, Superior (Recipe)


'Halifax' Mastercraft Schooner (recipe)
'Halifax' Schooner (recipe)
Hammocks, Huge (Recipe)
Hammocks, Large (Recipe)
Hammocks, Medium (Recipe)
Hammocks, Small (Recipe)
Hardened Masts 1 (Recipe)
Hardened Masts 2 (Recipe)
Hardened Masts 3 (Recipe)
Hardened Masts 4 (Recipe)
Harvest Beans
Harvest Cacao
Harvest Cochineal
Harvest Coffee
Harvest Common Wood
Harvest Cotton
Harvest Grapes
Harvest Hemp
Harvest Maize
Harvest Sugarcane
Harvest Teak
Harvest Tobacco
Harvest Wheat
Heavy Cannon Modification 1 (Recipe)
Heavy Cannon Modification 2 (Recipe)
Heavy Cannon Modification 3 (Recipe)
'Hercules' Frigate (recipe)
'Hercules' Heavy Frigate (recipe)
'Hercules' Mastercraft Frigate (recipe)
'Hercules' Pirate Frigate (recipe)
'Hercules' Sleek Frigate (recipe)
Hercules' Hull Modification 1 (Recipe)
Hercules' Hull Modification 2 (Recipe)
Hercules' Hull Modification 3 (Recipe)
Hercules' Hull Modification 4 (Recipe)
'Hermes' Mastercraft Packet-Boat (recipe)
'Hermes' Packet-Boat (recipe)
'Hermes' Sleek Packet-Boat (recipe)
Hermes' Sails Modification 1 (Recipe)
Hermes' Sails Modification 2 (Recipe)
Hermes' Sails Modification 3 (Recipe)
Hermes' Sails Modification 4 (Recipe)
'Hiorten' Galeas (recipe)
'Hornet' Gunboat (recipe)
Huge Accuracy Gun Rig 1 (Recipe)
Huge Accuracy Gun Rig 2 (Recipe)
Huge Accuracy Gun Rig 3 (Recipe)
Huge Armor Planking 1 (Recipe)
Huge Armor Planking 2 (Recipe)
Huge Armor Planking 3 (Recipe)
Huge Grappling Cannons 1 (Recipe)
Huge Grappling Cannons 2 (Recipe)
Huge Grappling Cannons 3 (Recipe)
Huge Hull (Recipe)
Huge Lightweight Halyards 1 (Recipe)
Huge Lightweight Halyards 2 (Recipe)
Huge Lightweight Halyards 3 (Recipe)
Huge Nimble Rig 1 (Recipe)
Huge Nimble Rig 2 (Recipe)
Huge Nimble Rig 3 (Recipe)
Huge Perfected Cannons 1 (Recipe)
Huge Perfected Cannons 2 (Recipe)
Huge Perfected Cannons 3 (Recipe)
Huge Raider's Guns 1 (Recipe)
Huge Raider's Guns 2 (Recipe)
Huge Raider's Guns 3 (Recipe)
Huge Reinforced Hull 1 (Recipe)
Huge Reinforced Hull 2 (Recipe)
Huge Reinforced Hull 3 (Recipe)
Huge Rig Catharpins 1 (Recipe)
Huge Rig Catharpins 2 (Recipe)
Huge Rig Catharpins 3 (Recipe)
Huge Speed Gun Rig 1 (Recipe)
Huge Speed Gun Rig 2 (Recipe)
Huge Speed Gun Rig 3 (Recipe)
Huge Speed Rig 1 (Recipe)
Huge Speed Rig 2 (Recipe)
Huge Speed Rig 3 (Recipe)
Huge Square Rig (Recipe)
Huge Stealth Sails 1 (Recipe)
Huge Stealth Sails 2 (Recipe)
Huge Stealth Sails 3 (Recipe)
Huge Streamlined Hull 1 (Recipe)
Huge Streamlined Hull 2 (Recipe)
Huge Streamlined Hull 3 (Recipe)
Huge Tough Sails 1 (Recipe)
Huge Tough Sails 2 (Recipe)
Huge Tough Sails 3 (Recipe)
Huge Wadding 1 (Recipe)
Huge Wadding 2 (Recipe)
Huge Wadding 3 (Recipe)
Hull Patch, Exceptional (Recipe)
Hull Patch, First-Rate (Recipe)
Hunt Game


Improved Rudder Tackle 1 (Recipe)
Improved Rudder Tackle 2 (Recipe)
Improved Rudder Tackle 3 (Recipe)
Improved Rudder Tackle 4 (Recipe)
'Invincible' First Rate (recipe)


'Jamaica' Sloop (recipe)


Kedge Anchors (Recipe)
Kedge Anchors, Heavy (Recipe)
Knot Rigging


'La Belle' Heavy Corvette (recipe)
'La Belle' Light Corvette (recipe)
'La Belle' Mastercraft Corvette (recipe)
Large Accuracy Gun Rig 1 (Recipe)
Large Accuracy Gun Rig 2 (Recipe)
Large Accuracy Gun Rig 3 (Recipe)
Large Accuracy Gun Rig 4 (Recipe)
Large Armor Planking 1 (Recipe)
Large Armor Planking 2 (Recipe)
Large Armor Planking 3 (Recipe)
Large Armor Planking 4 (Recipe)
Large Fore-and-Aft Rig (Recipe)
Large Grappling Cannons 1 (Recipe)
Large Grappling Cannons 2 (Recipe)
Large Grappling Cannons 3 (Recipe)
Large Grappling Cannons 4 (Recipe)
Large Hull (Recipe)
Large Lightweight Halyards 1 (Recipe)
Large Lightweight Halyards 2 (Recipe)
Large Lightweight Halyards 3 (Recipe)
Large Lightweight Halyards 4 (Recipe)
Large Nimble Rig 1 (Recipe)
Large Nimble Rig 2 (Recipe)
Large Nimble Rig 3 (Recipe)
Large Nimble Rig 4 (Recipe)
Large Perfected Cannons 1 (Recipe)
Large Perfected Cannons 2 (Recipe)
Large Perfected Cannons 3 (Recipe)
Large Perfected Cannons 4 (Recipe)
Large Raider's Guns 1 (Recipe)
Large Raider's Guns 2 (Recipe)
Large Raider's Guns 3 (Recipe)
Large Raider's Guns 4 (Recipe)
Large Reinforced Hull 1 (Recipe)
Large Reinforced Hull 2 (Recipe)
Large Reinforced Hull 3 (Recipe)
Large Reinforced Hull 4 (Recipe)
Large Rig Catharpins 1 (Recipe)
Large Rig Catharpins 2 (Recipe)
Large Rig Catharpins 3 (Recipe)
Large Rig Catharpins 4 (Recipe)
Large Speed Gun Rig 1 (Recipe)
Large Speed Gun Rig 2 (Recipe)
Large Speed Gun Rig 3 (Recipe)
Large Speed Gun Rig 4 (Recipe)
Large Speed Rig 1 (Recipe)
Large Speed Rig 2 (Recipe)
Large Speed Rig 3 (Recipe)
Large Speed Rig 4 (Recipe)
Large Square Rig (Recipe)
Large Stealth Sails 1 (Recipe)
Large Stealth Sails 2 (Recipe)
Large Stealth Sails 3 (Recipe)
Large Stealth Sails 4 (Recipe)
Large Streamlined Hull 1 (Recipe)
Large Streamlined Hull 2 (Recipe)
Large Streamlined Hull 3 (Recipe)
Large Streamlined Hull 4 (Recipe)
Large Tough Sails 1 (Recipe)
Large Tough Sails 2 (Recipe)
Large Tough Sails 3 (Recipe)
Large Tough Sails 4 (Recipe)
Large Wadding 1 (Recipe)
Large Wadding 2 (Recipe)
Large Wadding 3 (Recipe)
Large Wadding 4 (Recipe)
'Lexington' Brig (recipe)
'Lexington' Mastercraft Brig (recipe)
'Lexington' Stripped Brig (recipe)
Lignum Vitae Harvest
'Limburg' Flute (recipe)
'Limburg' Trader's Flute (recipe)
Lineship Structural Materials
'Locust' Corvette (recipe)
'Locust' Mastercraft Corvette (recipe)
'Locust' Sleek Corvette (recipe)
Low Drag Rudder 1 (Recipe)
Low Drag Rudder 2 (Recipe)
Low Drag Rudder 3 (Recipe)
Low Drag Rudder 4 (Recipe)
Low Profile Rigging 1 (Recipe)
Low Profile Rigging 2 (Recipe)
Low Profile Rigging 3 (Recipe)


Manufacture Blocks
Manufacture Blocks (Lignum Vitae)
Mast Brace, Exceptional (Recipe)
Mast Brace, First-Rate (Recipe)
'Mediator' Cutter (recipe)
'Mediator' Heavy Cutter (recipe)
'Mediator' Mastercraft Cutter (recipe)
Medium Accuracy Gun Rig 1 (Recipe)
Medium Accuracy Gun Rig 2 (Recipe)
Medium Accuracy Gun Rig 3 (Recipe)
Medium Accuracy Gun Rig 4 (Recipe)
Medium Accuracy Gun Rig 5 (Recipe)
Medium Armor Planking 1 (Recipe)
Medium Armor Planking 2 (Recipe)
Medium Armor Planking 3 (Recipe)
Medium Armor Planking 4 (Recipe)
Medium Armor Planking 5 (Recipe)
Medium Coward's Armor (Recipe)
Medium Double-Planked Armor (Recipe)
Medium Fool's Armor (Recipe)
Medium Fore-and-Aft Rig (Recipe)
Medium Grappling Cannons 1 (Recipe)
Medium Grappling Cannons 2 (Recipe)
Medium Grappling Cannons 3 (Recipe)
Medium Grappling Cannons 4 (Recipe)
Medium Grappling Cannons 5 (Recipe)
Medium Heavy Flanked Armor (Recipe)
Medium Hull (Recipe)
Medium Lightweight Halyards 1 (Recipe)
Medium Lightweight Halyards 2 (Recipe)
Medium Lightweight Halyards 3 (Recipe)
Medium Lightweight Halyards 4 (Recipe)
Medium Lightweight Halyards 5 (Recipe)
Medium Lightweight Hull (Recipe)
Medium Long-Barreled Guns 1 (Recipe)
Medium Long-Barreled Guns 2 (Recipe)
Medium Long-Barreled Guns 3 (Recipe)
Medium Nimble Rig 1 (Recipe)
Medium Nimble Rig 2 (Recipe)
Medium Nimble Rig 3 (Recipe)
Medium Nimble Rig 4 (Recipe)
Medium Nimble Rig 5 (Recipe)
Medium Perfected Cannons 1 (Recipe)
Medium Perfected Cannons 2 (Recipe)
Medium Perfected Cannons 3 (Recipe)
Medium Perfected Cannons 4 (Recipe)
Medium Perfected Cannons 5 (Recipe)
Medium Race-Built Hull (Recipe)
Medium Raider's Guns 1 (Recipe)
Medium Raider's Guns 2 (Recipe)
Medium Raider's Guns 3 (Recipe)
Medium Raider's Guns 4 (Recipe)
Medium Raider's Guns 5 (Recipe)
Medium Reinforced Hull 1 (Recipe)
Medium Reinforced Hull 2 (Recipe)
Medium Reinforced Hull 3 (Recipe)
Medium Reinforced Hull 4 (Recipe)
Medium Reinforced Hull 5 (Recipe)
Medium Rig Catharpins 1 (Recipe)
Medium Rig Catharpins 2 (Recipe)
Medium Rig Catharpins 3 (Recipe)
Medium Rig Catharpins 4 (Recipe)
Medium Rig Catharpins 5 (Recipe)
Medium Smooth Planked Hull (Recipe)
Medium Speed Gun Rig 1 (Recipe)
Medium Speed Gun Rig 2 (Recipe)
Medium Speed Gun Rig 3 (Recipe)
Medium Speed Gun Rig 4 (Recipe)
Medium Speed Gun Rig 5 (Recipe)
Medium Speed Rig 1 (Recipe)
Medium Speed Rig 2 (Recipe)
Medium Speed Rig 3 (Recipe)
Medium Speed Rig 4 (Recipe)
Medium Speed Rig 5 (Recipe)
Medium Square Rig (Recipe)
Medium Stealth Sails 1 (Recipe)
Medium Stealth Sails 2 (Recipe)
Medium Stealth Sails 3 (Recipe)
Medium Stealth Sails 4 (Recipe)
Medium Stealth Sails 5 (Recipe)
Medium Streamlined Hull 1 (Recipe)
Medium Streamlined Hull 2 (Recipe)
Medium Streamlined Hull 3 (Recipe)
Medium Streamlined Hull 4 (Recipe)
Medium Streamlined Hull 5 (Recipe)
Medium Tough Sails 1 (Recipe)
Medium Tough Sails 2 (Recipe)
Medium Tough Sails 3 (Recipe)
Medium Tough Sails 4 (Recipe)
Medium Tough Sails 5 (Recipe)
Medium Wadding 1 (Recipe)
Medium Wadding 2 (Recipe)
Medium Wadding 3 (Recipe)
Medium Wadding 4 (Recipe)
Medium Wadding 5 (Recipe)
'Medway' Longboat (recipe)
'Mignone' Indiaman (recipe)
'Mignone' Mastercraft Indiaman (recipe)
'Mignone' Privateer Indiaman (recipe)
'Mignone' Stripped Indiaman (recipe)
Mill Beam (Large)
Mill Beam (Small)
Mill Black Powder
Mill Planks (Oak)
Mill Planks (Teak)
Mill Strakes (Oak)
Mill Strakes (Teak)
Mill Transom (Large)
Mill Transom (Small)
Mill Wheat Flour
Mine Copper
Mine Gold
Mine Iron
Mine Silver
Mine Zinc
'Minerva' Frigate (recipe)
'Minerva' Mastercraft Frigate (recipe)
'Mordaunt' Fourth Rate (recipe)
'Mordaunt' Sleek Fourth Rate (recipe)
Muffled Gear (Recipe)
Muffled Gear, Heavy (Recipe)
Muffled Gear, Superior (Recipe)
'Myrmidon' Frigate (recipe)
'Myrmidon' Heavy Frigate (recipe)
'Myrmidon' Mastercraft Frigate (recipe)
'Mystique' Polacre (recipe)


Net Fish


Oak Harvest
Odysseus' Cannon Modification 1 (Recipe)
Odysseus' Cannon Modification 2 (Recipe)
Odysseus' Cannon Modification 3 (Recipe)
Odysseus' Cannon Modification 4 (Recipe)
'Oliphant' Heavy Indiaman (recipe)
'Oliphant' Indiaman (recipe)
'Oliphant' Mastercraft Indiaman (recipe)
Optimized Rigging 1 (Recipe)
Optimized Rigging 2 (Recipe)
Optimized Rigging 3 (Recipe)
Optimized Rigging 4 (Recipe)
'Otter' Skuda (recipe)
Overloaded Cannons 1 (Recipe)
Overloaded Cannons 2 (Recipe)


Pack Ship Provisions
Poseidon's Hull Modification 1 (Recipe)
Poseidon's Hull Modification 2 (Recipe)
Poseidon's Hull Modification 3 (Recipe)
Poseidon's Hull Modification 4 (Recipe)
'Postillionen' Frigate (recipe)
'Prince' First Rate (recipe)


Quarry Granite
Quarry Limestone
Quarry Marble


'Raa' Courier Frigate (recipe)
'Raa' Frigate (recipe)
'Raa' Heavy Frigate (recipe)
'Raa' Mastercraft Frigate (recipe)
'Raa' Sleek Frigate (recipe)
* 'Agamemnon' Bark (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Arcadia' Mastercraft Xebec (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Arcadia' Xebec (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Athena' Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Bermuda' Mastercraft Sloop (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Capricieux' Courier Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Capricieux' Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Capricieux' Heavy Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Capricieux' Mastercraft Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Cerberus' Courier Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Cerberus' Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Cerberus' Heavy Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Cerberus' Mastercraft Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Conquistador' Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Conquistador' Sleek Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Corsair' Mastercraft Xebec (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Corsair' Sleek Xebec (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Corsair' Xebec (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Curieuse' Snow (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Defiant' Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Defiant' Mastercraft Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Defiant' Sleek Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Defiant' Stripped Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Deliverance' Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Deliverance' Heavy Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'El Dragon' Barque (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Hercules' Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Hermes' Mastercraft Packet-Boat (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Leviathan' Bark (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Lexington' Brig (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Lexington' Mastercraft Brig (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Lexington' Stripped Brig (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Locust' Mastercraft Corvette (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Mediator' Mastercraft Cutter (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Myrmidon' Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Myrmidon' Heavy Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Myrmidon' Mastercraft Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Mystique' Polacre (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Postillionen' Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Postillionen' Heavy Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Postillionen' Mastercraft Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Raa' Courier Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Raa' Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Raa' Heavy Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Raa' Mastercraft Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'San Mateo' Galleon (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Santiago' Galleon (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Stralsund' Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Stralsund' Mastercraft Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Stralsund' Stripped Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Tigre' Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Tigre' Heavy Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Tigre' Mastercraft Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Tigre' Sleek Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* 'Triton' Interceptor Frigate (Captured) (Rebuild)
* Expert Captain (Recruit)
* Expert Carpenter (Recruit)
* Expert Gunner (Recruit)
* Expert Mercenary (Recruit)
* Expert Sailmaster (Recruit)
Refine Gold
Refine Sugar
Reinforced Bow (Recipe)
Reinforced Bow, Heavy (Recipe)
Reinforced Bow, Superior (Recipe)
Reinforced Gun Ports 1 (Recipe)
Reinforced Gun Ports 2 (Recipe)
Reinforced Gun Ports 3 (Recipe)
Reinforced Gun Ports 4 (Recipe)
Reinforced Stern (Recipe)
Reinforced Stern, Heavy (Recipe)
Reinforced Stern, Superior (Recipe)
Reinforced Structure 1 (Recipe)
Reinforced Structure 2 (Recipe)
Reinforced Structure 3 (Recipe)
Reinforced Structure 4 (Recipe)
'Renard' Chasse-Maree (recipe)


'San Mateo' Galleon (recipe)
'San Mateo' Heavy Galleon (recipe)
'San Mateo' Stripped Galleon (recipe)
'San Mateo' Trader's Galleon (recipe)
'Santiago' Galleon (recipe)
'Santiago' Trader's Galleon (recipe)
Saw Filling-Frame (Large)
Saw Filling-Frame (Small)
Saw Frame Timber (Large)
Saw Frame Timber (Lignum Vitae)
Saw Frame Timber (Small)
Saw Keel (Large)
Saw Keel (Medium)
Saw Keel (Small)
Saw Stem
Shape Spar (Large)
Shape Spar (Medium)
Shape Spar (Small)
Skin Game (Furs)
Skin Game (Hides)
Small Accuracy Gun Rig 1 (Recipe)
Small Accuracy Gun Rig 2 (Recipe)
Small Accuracy Gun Rig 3 (Recipe)
Small Accuracy Gun Rig 4 (Recipe)
Small Accuracy Gun Rig 5 (Recipe)
Small Accuracy Gun Rig 6 (Recipe)
Small Armor Planking 1 (Recipe)
Small Armor Planking 2 (Recipe)
Small Armor Planking 3 (Recipe)
Small Armor Planking 4 (Recipe)
Small Armor Planking 5 (Recipe)
Small Armor Planking 6 (Recipe)
Small Coward's Armor (Recipe)
Small Double-Planked Armor (Recipe)
Small Fool's Armor (Recipe)
Small Fore-and-Aft Rig (Recipe)
Small Grappling Cannons 1 (Recipe)
Small Grappling Cannons 2 (Recipe)
Small Grappling Cannons 3 (Recipe)
Small Grappling Cannons 4 (Recipe)
Small Grappling Cannons 5 (Recipe)
Small Grappling Cannons 6 (Recipe)
Small Heavy Flanked Armor (Recipe)
Small Hull (Recipe)
Small Lightweight Halyards 1 (Recipe)
Small Lightweight Halyards 2 (Recipe)
Small Lightweight Halyards 3 (Recipe)
Small Lightweight Halyards 4 (Recipe)
Small Lightweight Halyards 5 (Recipe)
Small Lightweight Halyards 6 (Recipe)
Small Lightweight Hull (Recipe)
Small Long-Barreled Guns 1 (Recipe)
Small Long-Barreled Guns 2 (Recipe)
Small Long-Barreled Guns 3 (Recipe)
Small Long-Barreled Guns 4 (Recipe)
Small Nimble Rig 1 (Recipe)
Small Nimble Rig 2 (Recipe)
Small Nimble Rig 3 (Recipe)
Small Nimble Rig 4 (Recipe)
Small Nimble Rig 5 (Recipe)
Small Nimble Rig 6 (Recipe)
Small Perfected Cannons 1 (Recipe)
Small Perfected Cannons 2 (Recipe)
Small Perfected Cannons 3 (Recipe)
Small Perfected Cannons 4 (Recipe)
Small Perfected Cannons 5 (Recipe)
Small Perfected Cannons 6 (Recipe)
Small Race-Built Hull (Recipe)
Small Raider's Guns 1 (Recipe)
Small Raider's Guns 2 (Recipe)
Small Raider's Guns 3 (Recipe)
Small Raider's Guns 4 (Recipe)
Small Raider's Guns 5 (Recipe)
Small Raider's Guns 6 (Recipe)
Small Reinforced Hull 1 (Recipe)
Small Reinforced Hull 2 (Recipe)
Small Reinforced Hull 3 (Recipe)
Small Reinforced Hull 4 (Recipe)
Small Reinforced Hull 5 (Recipe)
Small Reinforced Hull 6 (Recipe)
Small Rig Catharpins 1 (Recipe)
Small Rig Catharpins 2 (Recipe)
Small Rig Catharpins 3 (Recipe)
Small Rig Catharpins 4 (Recipe)
Small Rig Catharpins 5 (Recipe)
Small Rig Catharpins 6 (Recipe)
Small Smooth Planked Hull (Recipe)
Small Speed Gun Rig 1 (Recipe)
Small Speed Gun Rig 2 (Recipe)
Small Speed Gun Rig 3 (Recipe)
Small Speed Gun Rig 4 (Recipe)
Small Speed Gun Rig 5 (Recipe)
Small Speed Gun Rig 6 (Recipe)
Small Speed Rig 1 (Recipe)
Small Speed Rig 2 (Recipe)
Small Speed Rig 3 (Recipe)
Small Speed Rig 4 (Recipe)
Small Speed Rig 5 (Recipe)
Small Speed Rig 6 (Recipe)
Small Square Rig (Recipe)
Small Stealth Sails 1 (Recipe)
Small Stealth Sails 2 (Recipe)
Small Stealth Sails 3 (Recipe)
Small Stealth Sails 4 (Recipe)
Small Stealth Sails 5 (Recipe)
Small Stealth Sails 6 (Recipe)
Small Streamlined Hull 1 (Recipe)
Small Streamlined Hull 2 (Recipe)
Small Streamlined Hull 3 (Recipe)
Small Streamlined Hull 4 (Recipe)
Small Streamlined Hull 5 (Recipe)
Small Streamlined Hull 6 (Recipe)
Small Tough Sails 1 (Recipe)
Small Tough Sails 2 (Recipe)
Small Tough Sails 3 (Recipe)
Small Tough Sails 4 (Recipe)
Small Tough Sails 5 (Recipe)
Small Tough Sails 6 (Recipe)
Small Wadding 1 (Recipe)
Small Wadding 2 (Recipe)
Small Wadding 3 (Recipe)
Small Wadding 4 (Recipe)
Small Wadding 5 (Recipe)
Small Wadding 6 (Recipe)
Smelt Brass
Smelt Copper
Smelt Iron
Smelt Silver
Spare Guns 1 (Recipe)
Spare Guns 2 (Recipe)
Spare Guns 3 (Recipe)
Spare Guns 4 (Recipe)
Spare Guns 5 (Recipe)
Spare Guns, Exceptional (Recipe)
Spin Cotton
Spyglass (Recipe)
Spyglass, Crude (Recipe)
Spyglass, Fine (Recipe)
Spyglass, Master's (Recipe)
St. Elmo's Masts Modification 1 (Recipe)
St. Elmo's Masts Modification 2 (Recipe)
St. Elmo's Masts Modification 3 (Recipe)
St. Elmo's Masts Modification 4 (Recipe)
'St. Anne' Schooner (recipe)
Stitch Sail (Large)
Stitch Sail (Medium)
Stitch Sail (Small)
'Stralsund' Frigate (recipe)
'Stralsund' Mastercraft Frigate (recipe)
'Stralsund' Stripped Frigate (recipe)
Streamlined Structure 1 (Recipe)
Streamlined Structure 2 (Recipe)
Streamlined Structure 3 (Recipe)
Streamlined Structure 4 (Recipe)
Structural Brace 1 (Recipe)
Structural Brace 2 (Recipe)
Structural Brace 3 (Recipe)
Structural Brace 4 (Recipe)
Structural Brace 5 (Recipe)
Structural Brace, Exceptional (Recipe)
Studding Sails (Recipe)
Studding Sails, Heavy (Recipe)
Studding Sails, Quality (Recipe)
Studding Sails, Superior (Recipe)
'Sultan' Flute (recipe)


Tar Coated Rigging 1 (Recipe)
Tar Coated Rigging 2 (Recipe)
Tar Coated Rigging 3 (Recipe)
Tar Coated Rigging 4 (Recipe)
Tar Coated Rigging 5 (Recipe)
Teak Armor 1 (Recipe)
Teak Armor 2 (Recipe)
Teak Armor 3 (Recipe)
'Tigre' Frigate (recipe)
'Tigre' Heavy Frigate (recipe)
'Tigre' Mastercraft Frigate (recipe)
'Tigre' Sleek Frigate (recipe)
Tiny Fore-and-Aft Rig (Recipe)
Tiny Hull (Recipe)
'Trinity' Second Rate (recipe)
'Triton' Interceptor Frigate (recipe)
'Triumphant' Second Rate (recipe)
'Trusty' Longboat (recipe)


'Valiant' Third Rate (recipe)
'van Hoorn' Snow
'van Hoorn' Mastercraft Snow


Weave Canvas
'Wenden' Third Rate (recipe)


'Zuiderzee' Yacht (recipe)

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