To make the economy easier, please post your production lines and products as well as the prices you wish to sell at.

The goal is to prevent double production and to keep the cash flow in the LMR instead of paying the sky high prices of the AH!

Sawyer AshtonSawyer Ashton
Producing various raw materials at the moment to build up a supply. Not really on the market, but if you are looking for smaller quantities of Hemp, Ore, Iron, Logs, Fir, Logs, Oak, or Wine Grapes we may be able to work something out.

Kashmier ThrawnKashmier Thrawn
Producing Ingot, Gold in Port-de-Paix. Selling for 450 dlbs / unit in Port-de-Paix and 550 dlbs / unit in Cayo de Marquis
Producing Coarse Grained Gunpowder, First Rate (+7.5% damage) in Grenville. Selling for 1600 dlbs / unit
Master Draughtsmans in Grenville producing many structure deeds all at cost.

Ship Cartel Coordinator
Producing Ships of all varities at cost

Cartel Members
Volcano JoeVolcano Joe - Ores
Thomas DeGuerreThomas DeGuerre - Woods
Werner Von Braun - Smelting
Victor Dugas - Woods
Neitla Golana - Cloth
johnallaisjohnallais as Gigi Senne - Ship Provisioning
Zodac DeMonay - Ship Fittings, Iron

Trenchmouth La Fem Producing Iron ingots, cannon, nails, spare guns & all Iron forged items at New Orleans also common & fine wine
looking to buy copper , zinc, silver, & gold ore at this location, will produce ingots from you raw ore for gold or trade part of production
producing oak ship bundles, barrels, hull , mast, & structural patches at grenville/ looking to buy teak & LV at this location
producing leather & furr at CM FREE GRAVEL TO SOCIETY MEMBERS AT TAMPA with any purchase.
Price cost + 10 to 20 percent depending on quantity

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