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Here is where our Society experts at PVP can post information and tips for new and upcoming PVP'ers.
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Current PvP Squad

  • Leader
    • Gabriel Storm
  • Executive Officer
    • Kashmier Thrawn
  • Members
    • Thomas DeGuerre
    • TBA
    • Roch Fribault
    • Eloise Burgeois

Current News

Today Gabrial Storm began to recruit for the first LMR PvP flotilla. Current members include: Gabriel Storm, Leader. Kashmier Thrawn, Executive Officer. Thomas DeGuerre, Member. Will update as slots fill.

The current plan is to get the initial six players together all using either Cap MCs (provided by the society), or whatever the each person feels comfortable with. The goal is to be able to provide nearly limitless amounts of Cap MCs so that we can fight without fear of losing a durability, as another will be readily available. We took a large stride towards that goal today by getting several members of LMR the Just One More Thing mission in Bridgetown. This should allow us to farm amazing amounts of dbls much quicker than would normally be possible. I expect it will be run very frequently, so get a ship in Bridgetown ready to go. Currently the rule is that you need to be 50, and if not 50 you need to be an alt. We do not feel that JOMT should be used to get a new player to 50 quickly as they will not how to play the game at 50 if they follow that path.

-brad/kashmier 4.5.09 22:52 cst

Original message sent by [Gabriel Storm]:
To the Captains of La Marine Royale,

By edict of the Admiralty of La Marine Royale, acting upon the issuance of his most Royal Majesty The forming of a new flotilla is hereby announced.

The first flotilla will consist of six captains, with the specific mission to hunt down enemy captains in areas of unrest and send them to bottom. The Squadron will begin training post haste upon the completion of the flotilla, and will continue untill such time as the battle focused training yeilds consistant victory results against enemy captains in the red zones of unrest throughout the carribean.

Interested parties should contact Captain Gabriel Storm, the initial six slots are the only openings untill captains are trained and reassigned from the prototype flotilla to their own flotilla commands. Currently there are only five slots available.

Captain Gabriel Storm

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